Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A craft from the past...

I remember just 11 years ago, I found a site that offered the best clipart around.  That site was pcCrafter.  They are now closed and do not offer any clipart for sale.  The artists have moved on, some have started their own sites, and some have gone to larger scale businesses.  I made so many friends from the forum on that site.  I am even friends with quite a few of them on facebook.  We have shared our lives and our crafts with each other.  This was one, of many, of the crafts that just took off and we all had fun with making them.  Everyone had their own version and style.  This was mine.  

I used different style glasses, filled them with potpourri and mini lights.  Then I put a cute lampshade on top.
I hope this might inspire you to create something new!

Hugs Lorie


Andrea said...

Great post! I might have to dig through my stash and give this a go!

Lorie Ballard said...

Go for it, Andrea! I'm thinking about doing it, too...and kickin it up a notch. ;)