Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ouch, and learn to keep my mouth shut...

Wow, what a week. Talk about a series of unfortunate events. Here is the short version, if you would like to know all that happened...I will explain more. I went into the hospital on late Tuesday, early Wednesday for a gall stone attack, and ended up in mental hospital because I said something "wrong" coming out of anesthesia. After being away from my family for a week, I am finally home.

I had dinner around 6pm Tuesday evening. Around 7 I started having pains, and they just weren't going away. Finally my mom got me to go to the ER around midnight. They check and my gall stones were on the move, so the moved me to the surgical ward to get my gall bladder removed. Wednesday, day was a lot of tests and waiting. My liver enzymes were elevated and those had to come down before I could have surgery. Okay, now to let you know that I have not had anything to eat or drink since dinner Tuesday night. All I had Wednesday was a saline drip. Thursday morning the surgeon comes to my room around 7 am and tells me enzyme counts went up, I could not have surgery today, I had to have an endoscopic procedure done first (tube down throat to remove stones from bile duct.) I was a little saddened by this, as I was missing my family and wanted to be home. Told the nurse I was feeling my depression creep in, she said she would have someone talk to me, if I would like...seemed ok to me. Family practice comes in around 8am and says I will have the procedure done in an hour, and be ready for some chicken broth at lunch. Waiting, waiting, (no food or drink) nurse comes in around 1pm, procedure will be at 5pm, so nothing more to eat or drink today (more?? I hadn't had anything.) Someone comes to talk to me about my depression, learns I'm feeling very sad, will talk to me again Friday. I get the procedure done. I am finally allowed chicken broth. I had 2 sips of broth and a sip of water, and was out. Nurse comes in and tells me (during one of my awake times) I will have surgery at 9 am Friday morning, so nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Well, I was pretty much out of it for the rest of the evening. When I woke at 2am, my broth and water were gone. I slept ok. Had my surgery at 9am. Came out of surgery, finally able to have chicken broth for lunch. Still coming out of anesthesia and finally getting some nutrition from broth, person comes back to talk to me about depression; I said I hurt so much and was so hungry I'd almost rather be dead. BOOOM!!! They called mental hospital, phsychiatrist says, she is suicidal, admit her here. I was put on an involuntary 72 hour hold. I was taken to WBI at 7:30pm Friday night. Saturday, I told Dr. P, I am not suicidal, I was starving, dehydrated, and in pain...my thoughts were not clear at all. Was told, nothing can be done, I needed to wait until at least Tuesday before I could "maybe" go home, they would need to re-evaluate me. Talked with another Dr. on Monday, he said I was probably talked to at the wrong time, he thought I should be able to go home...only it would still be as early as Tuesday. Tuesday morning comes around, he makes his final recommendation that I can go home. I am finally able to leave WBI at 2:15 Tuesday.

If you made it through, thank you for reading...it felt good to get it all out and off my chest.

I am so glad to be home. I was not able to see my kids all week and sleeping on a bed that is about 2 inches thick with a pillow that feels like a folded up blanket...I am so ready to sleep in my own bed.

Whatever you do, don't let yourself get so weak...and then try to talk. I will do whatever I can to not ever end up in such an unguarded and weak state that I get myself in that situation again.

I'll say again...Wow!


Hugs Lorie

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Desktop memo boards...

This idea came from Laurie, on the pcCrafter message board.  It is made from a plastic photo frame.  You use a dry-erase marker to write on the frame.  It writes on and wipes off so nice!  I had done these before, except I put a post-it note on the frame to write the notes on.  I like these idea as well.  Now I have two of them on desktop, one with post-it notes and one without.

This set was made from graphics by Laurie Furnell and Carolee Jones.  You can find them at pcCrafter.


Hugs Lorie

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just a little calendar...

This is one of the business card size calendars. It would be really good for if you have no room on your desk, it takes up hardly any room. The dimensions are: 3.62" high x 2.40" wide.

I didn't do anything fancy with them.  I think too much on them, and there won't be any room for the calendar.  All graphics on this calendar are by Carolee Jones.

Hugs Lorie

Friday Giveaway and some Photo Calendars...

I found a new site that has some very cool ideas, and she has Friday Giveaways.  Check it out...

I also found a site where I can buy the cases for CD calendars.  Well, they had other sizes as well.  They have a large landscape size, all the way down to a business card size.  They are really cute.  Anyway, I got a sample pack, so I got 5 of each size.  I saw on their site that they had a link to make photo calendars, well I can do the photo calendars all my own.  :) Here are two of my versions of their photo calendars:


 Sorry the pictures are not so great. It is hard taken a picture of a picture.  ;)  I do like how they turned out.  I hope to make some of these for Christmas gifts, and maybe sell some as well.

Oh, the link to the site for the cases is www.calendar-case.com  I think they prices are very reasonable, and they have excellent shipping speed.

Hugs Lorie

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Candle decoration...

Being a member of the pcCrafter message board, I have seen many wonderful creations.  This is one of them that I have wanted to try.  You print/stamp/draw on tissue paper, and then put the decoration on a candle.  The gals that have done them are always saying how easy they are...they are pretty easy.  I was very surprised.

I used graphics from pcCrafter.  The Thanksgiving graphics are by Laurie Furnell.  The Christmas graphics are by Carolee Jones.

Thanks for looking...

Hugs Lorie

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What to post, what to post...

I am going to use this as my place to posts my crafts.  I have made quite a few during the past couple of years.  I will post some that I have made, and hopefully add some to it. 

Hugs Lorie