Friday, May 21, 2010

Baby love and cards for my mom...

It's been a long since I've posted something.  It's been very busy around the house.  Lylah is just over 2 months old now, and Caleb is 19 we are very busy.  Caleb has been very wonderful toward his little sister, he just loves her so.  Always kissing her, and wanting to hold her.  Such a sweet little man.  When we brought Lylah home from the hospital, my youngest daughter got the best picture of Caleb kissing Lylah:
Now that isn't that the most precious thing ever!  I just love it!
Well, Mother's Day was on the 9th, and I spent some time making some cards and book marks for my mom.  She is always wondering where a bookmark is, so I like to keep a good supply for her.  These were super easy.  I just took a 12x12 piece of card stock, with a strip pattern.  Then I cut some rectangle shapes from the paper, had my kids sign and date the back, ran them through a laminator...and now my mom has 7 more book marks.  I think she'll be good for a while.  Here are the cards I made for her.
^from me^

^from Caleb and Lylah^

^from Lara, Michael, & Caitlyn^

Hugs Lorie